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3 Tried & Tested Tips to Avoid Back Injury While Working from Home

When your home sweet home becomes your work station, chances are that you have a little scope of moving in and around. And, your back eventually takes all the stress. Check out how to avoid this with easy-to-follow tips…

Stiffness in Neck & Cervical is Common Problem

This is one of the common concerns for most of us, often we end up getting stiffness around the neck region. The tried and tested formula here is Change Position

Yes, if you can avoid sitting at one place for longer duration of time, you can easily stay away from cervical or neck stiffness. Changing positions is a quick fix to this problem, if you have been sitting in your living room, then after a while, simply pick up your laptop and go to the balcony or your bedroom, This way, your back will relax even if it is for a short duration.

Don’t Bend for too Long & Get up Suddenly

This is yet another common problem, especially with kids. They usually don’t keep the screens at a distance, also at times the placement of the computer screen is such that they bend too much to view the screen. This is a strict no, reason being, the sudden jerk to your back can prove fatal and lead to some emergency situation.

Make sure to position your screens at 90 degree to your eye level. Don’t lean too much on on your screen and maintain a certain distance between you and the computer.

Wrist Pain Shouldn’t be Taken Lightly

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a not so Usual Issue with WFH

This is an unheard term for most of us but undoubtly making way to our homes and becoming a concern. When you use your hands for maneuvering the mouse or resting on it for long, or students who are continuously writing or later making presentations, both the wrist and your hand take a toll. You may experience sudden numbness or stiffness in your hands and around your wrist.

The easy tried and tested solution for this is hand exercise like twisting and turning your hands and wrist every now and then. Take short breaks, and stretch yourself to avoid any kind of stiffness in your body.

WFH is here to stay for a while, even if you start going to your offices it is still important to follow the basics of exercise and avoid the pains, the unbearable stiffness and the sudden back pain.

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