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4 Easy Steps to Help you Plan Your Daily Meals

Shot of an attractive young woman cooking at home
Shot of an attractive young woman cooking at home

In today’s busy world, we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves. Many of you skip meals for work or studies. Is that doing any good to you? Well, just like a car won’t move without fuel, the human body also needs a proper & timely diet to keep moving.

Transformative cares for your health and thus, has come up with 4 easy steps that will help you to plan your meal and save you from indulging in junk or outside food every now & then. Kashish Wasan tells you how…

Decide your Timetable

Things work best when we plan them in advance. Similarly, plan your week in advance. Choose when do you want to have home-cooked meals or lunch from outside. Make a note of it on your phone or stick it on the fridge. This way you can have an auspicious pocket and stomach too. After that make a list of what you’ll be cooking each day. This also helps you to choose your happy meal days and healthy meal days. 

Prepare a Grocery Shopping List

You definitely don’t want to miss any ingredient while preparing your favourite breakfast. To avoid such scenarios, make a shopping list and hit the grocery market or shops. Keeping small stocks of perishable items and large quantities of non-perishable items always saves money and time. Your list should be decided upon the strategy you made in step-1. If you want to eat fresh veggies, you can store them in seal packed containers inside the refrigerator, this helps them stay fresh for a longer duration. You can also choose to buy them fresh, every day while coming back from work.

Manage Time for Cooking

A planned meal can save a lot of time when it comes to cooking…

Cooking for yourself or your partner doesn’t take up much of your time. Gone are the days when we had to cook from scratch. Ready-to-add puree or spices are available easily in the market. If you want to avoid packed stuff, you can prepare a large quantity of puree on the weekends and you’re good to go for the whole week. Half cooked puree is non-perishable and time-saving. Try avoiding overcooked gravy as it drains up the nutrients. Boiled or less cooked food is super healthy and provides extra energy to your body. During winters, you can pack last night’s leftovers to office as it remains fresh due to cold temperature. Thanks to the era of the Internet, you can cook while learning from YouTube or read recipes online. 

Invest in Good Storage Boxes

Be precautious while you put any cutlery inside an oven. The hot temperature sometimes melts the cutlery surface and allows the harmful substance to enter inside your food. Opt for cutlery that is microwave safe. Also, while storing any vegetable or cooked food inside the refrigerator, go for the best quality containers. Plastic leaves some nasty chemicals when you heat it or keep it inside the fridge for a long time. while buying, look for microwave-safe cutlery and refrigerator friendly containers or vice versa. 

Kashish Wason is a lifestyle content writer. She loves writing on topics related to  Fashion, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle. She is a Fashion Communication student & interning with!

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