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750AD Healthcare Initiates #MaskWaliDiwali Campaign for Healthy & Happy Celebrations

The festival of lights is right here and let the festivities begin with cheers, excitement and a lot of happiness. But with smog, pollution, viruses, all such evils around, how to enjoy this spirit? 750AD Healthcare brings to you a happy and healthy #MaskWaliDiwali,  you can triumph over evil with a simple good act of yours and can keep your near and dear ones safe too.  By simply going for a mask and flaunting your best of festive fashion, you can enjoy this wonderful festival.

Health Bloggers, Chefs & Influencers Convey a Diwali Message

This video of 750AD Healthcare that features health bloggers, health chefs and fashion influencers sends a beautiful message of celebrations in the healthiest and happiest way possible. This short, candid video is all about the spirit of goodness, positivity amidst the ongoing pandemic. Health is wealth and letting that prosperity not get compromised this festival season, is a subtle message that the brand is trying to convey to its readers and followers. 

Rosme in Wonderland

This well-known health blogger and mom influencer from the capital city has a powerful message to send across. She believes in safety first, followed by celebrations. ‘ It is extremely important to keep yourself and your family safe so I feel there is no harm in enjoying your Diwali with a proper mask. Now you get those matching masks that go well with your ethnic attire, so why not flaunt them,” sums Rosme.

Akanksha Dean, Chef & Fitness Influencer

‘I truly believe in staying home this Diwali and enjoying some fresh homemade food with your loved ones. After all health is wealth, and why to risk others so better wear a mask and celebrate. As a chef, I can say that I am all set to celebrate my Diwali with a matching mask and will be with my family, might cook something super healthy and fresh at the same,” says Akanksha Dean.

Diksha Rathour, Fashion Influencer

” Diwali is all about fun with family but this Diwali is different as we are in the middle of an ongoing pandemic. So I’ll prefer staying safe in my mask, away from the hustle bustle. I might step out in my ethnic wear to catch up with friends and family and I have already got myself matching masks with my dresses. MaskWaliDiwali is sure a good idea,” says Diksha.

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