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A New Double-mutant Strain of Covid-19 Detected in India


With several cities in different states witnessing a second wave of surge in corona cases, the Ministry of Health today released a statement saying that there is a new “double mutant variant” of the virus that is now there in India, in addition to many other strains or variants of concern (VOCs) which have also found abroad.

In a press release, the Ministry official said that the samples have been collected from some 18 states. “The analysis of samples from Maharashtra has revealed that compared to December 2020, there has been an increase in the fraction of samples with the E484Q and L452R mutations.” INSACOG, a network of 10 Indian labs dedicated to conducting genomic sequencing and analysis of circulating Covid-19 viruses, set up by the Union health ministry in December 2020, has been since carrying out genomic sequencing and correlating epidemiological trends with genomic variants.

In such uncertain times, it is important to stay safe and healthy. Make sure to step out only if there is an emergency or work. Always wear your mask, and don’t forget to wash your hands every now and then. Better safe than sorry!

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