, e-magazine provide readers with the most current information on health, fitness, nutrition, sexual wellness and healthy, active, The e magazine brings together all the latest trends in health, wellness and insight stories of all top hospitals in India, digital transformative technology in healthcare and interviews from industry experts & doctor. As the name says it clear and loud, Transformative, is all about transforming the notions and perceptions for healthcare in our country. A country that has a 130 billion plus population, healthcare is likely to be the backbone, especially at a time like this, Covid19, the pandemic of 2020.  As a new healthcare brand, rather, startup, 750AD Healthcare Pvt Ltd is here with an objective of value addition to masses through their fresh new online magazine that aims to cater to the health-conscious youth of the present day.

Shabnum Khan, Founder 750AD Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. says, “750AD Healthcare is here to transform, educate, and aid the masses in uplifting the quality of wellbeing that is offered by the healthcare system in our country. By guiding the individuals to choose the most genuine, affordable and life changing experiences in the healthcare sector, along with supporting the SMEs across the country, our magazine Transformative is a major step towards reaching this goal. the website will be a bundle of authentic and factual information, from patients’ experiences, to doctors advices, to major breakthroughs in healthcare, our articles and interviews will upgrade the reader with the latest.  And, with eminent personalities as exclusive features each month, the audience will stay informed and connected 24X7,”

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