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First time in India; Patient saved by Intra-vascular Lithotripsy

To tackle calcified blockage in the Kidney artery…

Fortis Hospital, Mumbai recently saved a critical patient by a rare treatment method, called as Intra Vascular Lithotripsy.

A 66 year old male was rushed to the Emergency Room last month, with complains of breathlessness. The patient’s blood pressure was elevated to alarming levels. With medication, there was some amount of success in bringing down the pressure and also reducing swelling in his Lungs. A 2D Echo was performed which showed that the Heart was healthy but it’s function was impaired because of high blood pressure; an Angiography showed minor blockages. Further investigation was done, including Kidney Angiography, which showed that there was a blockage in the Kidney artery. One side revealed 90% blockage and the other side was fairly clear; a chunk of Calcium was clearly seen in the Angiography. The hospital and the doctors went for a relatively new technology Intra Vascular Lithotripsy. It was chosen as the mode of intervention. This technique is well in use for Heart and the limb arteries; however, there is only one case report of use of this technique on the Kidney artery all over the world, and none from India.

Speaking about the success of this intervention, Dr Vivek Mahajan, Interventional Cardiologist, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, said, “I extremely proud of my team for this achievement. Normally, when the Kidney arteries get blocked, blood flow to the Kidneys is compromised and their function is impacted. This procedure has never been done in the country before, we are happy to be the 1st to use it successfully, and happy with the patient’s recovery”.

And, the patient Bharat Wagh happily shared his review about the hospital. “ I was happy to be able to see myself walk back home. Many thanks to the doctors and nurses of Fortis, who treated me like their family.”

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