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Five Fun Fitness Tips for your Winter Wellness Regime

With a change in season, all that’s needed is a simple tweak to your fitness routine. We bring to you some easy and fun tips that can take care of your winter wellbeing…

Don’t Over-sleep; Yes! This is one of the most common mistake most of us end up doing. Winters make us cuddle in our quilts, and we often end up getting up late. This tends to spoil your wellness routine as you will end up with fatigue, and stress because of the delayed daily schedule. The easiest way is to put an alarm for morning, and similarly, for the evening. Our body has something called circadian rhythm, and that’s the ultimate key to good health.

Maintain your Water Intake; This is another big blunder that most of us do, winters makes us drink less water. Since the season is pure indulgence, and we keep munching on something or the other, we actually don’t realize that the body might be demanding fluid like water regularly. Keeping a bottle of water with yourself near your workstation, or drinking a glass of water before your meals, or even when you are stepping out is the perfect solution to your winter wellbeing.

Eat a Balanced Diet; Winters doesn’t mean eating gajar halwa, or fried snacks all the time. The season is like a devil in desguise, it will make you crave for variety of things, from traditional winter delecacies like, til laddoo, gajar halwa, pinni, to European treats like, chocolate desserts, pies, soups and what not. Make sure to balance your diet with moderation. The season is full of fruits, so you can can actually dedicate a day only for fruit diet for a good detox.

Soak in Sunlight to Boost Immunity; This is a well-known fact that getting a good 30 minutes of sunlight, especially the morning one till noon can help boost serotonin levels, which results in a better melatonin levels of your body. You will feel less lethargic and it will also take care of your harmonal imbalance.

Good Skincare for a Healthy You; Skin is a direct reflection to your health. A radiant and flawless skin speaks volumes about how your body is functioning from within. This winter season, since you are anyways working from home and masked most of the time, follow a simple moisturising, toning and cleansing routine for a good glowing skin. If your skin shows signs of dullness, a serum can do the needful.

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