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Global Handwashing Day; Why Washing your Hands with Soap is More Effective than Sanitizers

Your hands are a territory that is all about hideouts for sheltering cold and flu viruses… now, Covid-19 too!

Today is Global Handwashing Day but even on the other regular days, it is important to follow hand-hygiene. We all knowing and unknowingly touch things, things like smartphones, laptops, or anything in general, with our hands, and often tend to forget that we are supposed to wash them every now and then.

Good hand hygiene is one of the most effective way to avoid the transmission of germs and thus, prevent infection. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we all have been forced to bring some significant changes in our routine, lifestyle, and, handwashing is one of them. People have become extremely conscious about protecting themselves from the dreaded viruses. But what’s seen regularly is that many people keep sanitizing their hands by using sanitizers that are loaded with chemicals.

If you speak to doctors, or take advice from experts, they will often be telling you that washing hands with soap and water works much better eliminating the dreaded germs as compared to the hand sanitizers. They advise that sanitizers should only be used in places where soap and water are not available. Dones that mean sanitizers are good for nothing? Of course not! They are quite effective when it comes to killing certain viruses and bacteria but what they can’t do is they don’t clean your hands like a hand wash. The stickiness that you feel post using a sanitizers can eventually attract further dust and dirt. Antibacterial hand washes work much better and are more thorough, which makes them a preferred choice among doctors.

But for your homes where water and soap both are easily available, nothing better than your soaps.

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