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Innovative Treatments in Dental Care is Giving Hope to Patients

Oral care and dental treatments are growing and adapting to the innovative technology with every passing day. Now, Dental Monitoring with AI-powered solutions for Braces and Aligners, or dental implants for full mouth rehabilitation is not a new thing anymore…

There are exclusive dental clinic chains like Orthosquare™, a self-funded organisation from Maharashtra that aim to penetrate into the remotest areas of India and provide quality service with such innovative technology and treatments. The brand has been playing an imperative role in practicing and standardizing dental care in India with transparent, ethical and a patient-friendly approach.

As the demand for remote care technology is increasing during pandemic, especially, within the dental industry, companies like DentalMonitoring continue to lead the way with its virtual practice solutions designed to engage, convert and monitor patients. Powered by AI and a database of over half a billion patient photographs, the virtual practice solutions are designed to give dental professionals the flexibility and convenience they need to safely address all sorts of orthodontic patient cases and optimize chair time.

Innovations in Orthodontic Treatment

So, what are the new treatments like in dental care? Today we have dental radiology for minute scanning, periodontics for gum scaling and polishing, gum surgeries, flap surgeries, gum depigmentation, just to name a few apart from the regular oral surgeries.

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