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J-wellness, the Newest way to a Healthier & Holistic Living

Believe it or not, the world seems to be slowly shifting to the Japanese wellness mantra and the year 2020 is witnessing it as one of the biggest health trends.

As per the recent report published on Global Wellness Summit that talked about the biggest wellness and health trends of 2020, the wellness-based lifestyle habits are one of the key things that people will be focusing on post the pandemic crisis is over. In fact, people all around the world have already started making major lifestyle changes to improvise the immunity and follow the traditional forms of cooking and eating.

Forest Therapy

While the Olympics 2020 had to be cancelled, people have already started getting to know about the cultural and lifestyle ways of Japanese. And, Forest Therapy happens to be one of the most Google searched ones, off late. A group of Japanese scientists a few years back worked to begin a wellness treatment they call “shin-rin-yoku” which translates to forest bathing. Forest therapy aims to promote mental and physical health while improving disease prevention and enjoying nature. This wellness treatment consists of people partaking in mindful meditation and breathing techniques, as well as putting a person’s five senses to use.

The Right Food

What you eat reflects well on your skin and your body. And, Japanese have known the art of feeding their skin the right way for centuries. One large part of Japanese wellness relies in what they feed their bodies and skin. The staple being seaweed, or green tea has many benefits. Seaweed contains protective vitamins that work to fight against free radicals, while also protecting the cell membrane. Drinking green tea also has its fair share of benefits, with its high amount of polyphenols that help it in reducing inflammation and fighting cancer.

The K has been replaced by J in the recent years, and people are now finding the Japanese way of living a healthier choice. What’s your mantra to a healthy life?

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