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Jaggery – the Superfood for Winters is Perfect for your Health & Immunity

Gud is the most common sweetener in the Indian households, after white sugar. After all, it has some miraculous medicinal benefits that many nutritionists and dieticians vouch by.

While jaggery is a rich source of iron, minerals and magnesium, it has this unique ability to clean your body. It can help improving your digestion and is also known to be a cleanser when it comes to purifying blood. What’s important is to know what type of jaggery you are consuming.

Varieties of Gur & Benefits

Jaggery comes in many varieties- it is made from the sap of coconut and date palm as well. But the most common form of jaggery that we get in the market is the one made from sugarcane. The types actually differentiate their health quotient, basis on the amount of fructose and glucose present in the jaggery.

So if sugarcane jaggery is made from unfilter sugarcane juice, this will be loaded with too much sweetness and less nutritional value. This makes it a not-so healthy choice for weight watchers and diabetics. But on the other hand, if you are looking for cleansing, and getting rid of the toxins, ans improving your strength, then, coconut jaggery is a perfect choice. And, palm jaggery is not only packed with nutrients like iron, folate, potassium and calcium, it also has the lowest glycemic index and is a proven remedy against cough and cold.

Whichever kind of gud you wish to go for, and is easily available, you must note that it is anyways loaded with good fibre amount, and helps clean your digestive system. According to Ayurvedic doctors and age-old beliefs , it is recommended to start your day with a cup of warm water and jaggery. Some also have it post meals to aid digestion.

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