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Meditate to Rejuvenate & Detox for Total Well-being, say Experts

We all wish to lead a life that is hassle-free, relaxed and minus any kid of stress. But in reality, life is just the opposite of what we wish for. In the busy world today, where there is constant fear of virus, job-loss, sudden illness and much more, it is important to attain some kind of inner peace and well-being.

Experts suggest Meditation for the ultimate rejuvenation, and if you are able to follow it with some daily detox, it is not so difficult to lead a holistic lifestyle. Here’s how…

Micro-nutrients for a Disease-free Life

“Living younger and disease-free for longer is what everybody wants in the present day. There is stress around but preventing self from illness or ailments is definitely possible. Leading a sustainable life is the key to good health. Bring some basic changes to your lifestyle, and you will see this difference. Like for me, the mantra is a daily habit of adding herbs and spices to my cup of chai. Adding plant based, natural herbs and spices is a great way to adding micro nutrients in our life. This not just has a positive impact on self, but also helps in keeping many seasoal ailments at bay. These micro-nutrients are needed for a disease-free life. And, a nourishing cup of morning and evening chai adds nutrients to life, eventually adding health to your years,” says Prerna Kumar, Founder, ChaiVeda.

Meditate for your Overall Well-being

“To attain inner peace, what one has to do is to seek that rhythm which is in the depth of our being. It is just like the ocean, the surface of the ocean is ever moving while the depth of the ocean is still. And, so is with life. Meditation is the art of being in touch with this depth. To unwind and relax amidst my hectic life I make sure to take few minutes out to meditate in the lap of nature. And the most beautiful & easiest way to mediate or realign is to pay attention to our breath. It sounds like a big thing to do but trust me, even as little as 10 mins make a huge difference to overall well-being, suggests Ayurveda & Yoga Expert Anuradha Gupta.

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