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MiHOPE, new Healthcare Portal aims to Address Growing Mental Illness Among People in Covid19

Mental Health Foundation India has announced the launch of an exclusive web portal – MiHOPE, for a comprehensive mental health care.

MiHOPE that is all set to go live from 10th Oct, which is World Mental Health Day, is a ray of hope for many, especially during the pandemic. It aims to focus on the treatment of mental illness among people, especially during COVID. It is a well known fact that we have lesser number of psychiatrists than the patients in India. Therefore, to bridge this gap MHFI in collaboration with the doctors and experts from AIIMS is making mental health care accessible to everyone.

Sudden Spike in Mental Health Cases During Lockdown

No wonder, as people were not used to sitting at home without any reason, they developed symptoms of depression, and in some cases, insomnia. Also, many people have lost jobs, the industries are collapsing and there is very little hope for the revival anytime soon. All this is contributing to severe mental health issues. And, let’s not forget, there is already a huge stigma attached to mental health in our country.

In a way, the website MiHOPE will help people to overcome stress-related disorders and prevention of the emotional and mental health problems by various scientific means such as diet, yoga, meditation and other lifestyle changes. According to experts present during the Mental Health Access Summit 2020 that announced the launch of the website, majority of mental health issues are treatable conditions, just like any other physical illness. The summit also focused on structural barriers to accessing treatment for mental health problems for example lack of mental health professionals and inadequate recognition to mental healthcare.

(With inputs from Dr. Nand Kumar, professor of the psychiatry department at AIIMS, who addressed media questions during the virtual conference)

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