National Doctor’s Day: The Journey From Ayurveda to AI in Healthcare

Insights by Dr. Rakesh Binjola, MD in Alternative Medicines

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National Doctor's Day Dr. Rakesh Binjola

From Ayurveda to AI in Healthcare, the Healthcare Industry in India has Come a Long Way!

India’s 5,000-year-old natural healthcare system, which dates back to the Vedic era, is currently experiencing a renaissance on a global scale. Since then, the health and cosmetics sector has advanced significantly, and today we are looking at a blend of time-honored tradition and artificial intelligence (AI).

Ayurveda to Artificial Intelligence: Decades of Revolution

Ayurveda is an empirical system that has documented the outcomes of its actual use. The books provide information on an astounding variety of plant products, minerals, and other natural compounds, as well as information on their therapeutic characteristics, extraction techniques, particular combinations, and recommended dosages.

On one hand we have the age old Ayurveda and on the other hand we have the newest and most advanced AI technology that is transforming healthcare. What is even more interesting is how AI is helping Ayurveda to expand its research with advanced data analysis and imaging techniques. 

Where does artificial intelligence (AI) fit into an ancient system, you might wonder. The health industries have grown tremendously since ancient times to the present. Scientific evaluation is required for any system to be approved, improved upon, and put into use. This is an area where AI has grown in significance.

Applications of AI in Ayurveda

Technology advances in response to scientific demand for the benefit of the user. Technology adoption in the area of Ayurveda is occurring in a variety of ways, including knowledge-based technologies such as teleconferences, e-CME, online lectures, and RDBMS, as well as problem-solving tools like instruments for Ayurvedic diagnostics. Problem Solving Approaches such as  Remote (robotic) surgery and Nadi (dosha-pulse) analysis. Research approaches such as  Analysis of the drug route in research; Namburi spot test; objective parametric assessment based on disease. 

Ayurvedic diagnostic, procedural, and therapeutic features should be standardized before artificial intelligence in Ayurveda is implemented.

For the use of machine learning in Ayurveda-based illness detection, several studies have been undertaken to far.

An old non-invasive method of identifying Ayurvedic sickness by pulse is called nadi pariksha. It correctly identifies imbalances in the physical, mental, and emotional domains as well. A person may also obtain their individualized wellness programmes, such as remedial massages, a customized diet, and detoxification, using this scientific technology.

An artificial neural network and logistic regression model has been proposed for use in one study to develop a tool that can scan the VPK pulse using optical sensors in order to identify the Prakriti (VPK) of the patient. The Sparshana step of the three-part Ayurvedic diagnosis is covered in this.

Hence, there is continuous ongoing research in the field of Ayurveda in conundrum with AI which will revolutionize the industry in the long run.


India is where the Ayurvedic medical system first emerged. However, artificial intelligence has now been included into this medical system. Ayurveda has recently become more high-tech, thorough, reputable, and international as a result of this mix. Since the Ayurvedic medical system is inexpensive and has few adverse effects, AI may be applied in Ayurveda e-commerce to increase market size by vastly enhancing user experiences. Additionally, it may be used to enhance economic applications that significantly affect cost savings, revenue expansion, and asset usage.

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Dr. Rakesh Binjola, MD in Alternative Medicines

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