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National Doctors’ Day; How they are Taking Care of their own Mental & Physical Well-being

Transformative Thanked the Doctors and the medical fraternity last year on this special day, for being there and taking care of us during pandemic. This Doctors’ Day, we felt it is important to talk about their mental and physical well-being as they have been working relentlessly for more that a year now.

Somewhere it must have taken a toll on them too, and letting them speak their minds, Transformative in a way is paying an Ode to the Doctors, globally. On the occasion, PM Modi wished the medical fraternity and said that India has made big strides in the field of medicine and has contributed to making the planet healthier. Well, let us listen to these doctors and see how they have been taking self care in this war-like situation…

Dr Sudipto De, Sr Registrar,
Department of Surgical Oncology
Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

“I’ve started doing Meditation to restore my sanity”, Dr. Sudipto De

This pandemic has made me realize how short life can be, with colleagues getting affected right, left and center along with the daily toll of dying patients. I have started doing meditation and taking out more time for family to restore sanity. I have also been closely following YouTube videos and podcasts on Stoicism which has helped me deal with these tough times.

Dr. Tushau Prasad, Consultant Emergency Medicine,
Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road

“I’ve started playing cricket and that helps me stay focused”, Dr. Tushau Prasad

The corona virus has brought about a unique and challenging situation which has resulted in immense amount of stress and anxiety. I have learnt that we should not focus on things that we do not have control on, things that are beyond our reach. We need to discuss amongst our colleagues, our work place, our friends about the issues that affect us. We need to go back to the things that have kept us calm in the past, like, I picked up cricket once again, and it helped me get my focus right. Stress and anxiety is there but what is important is to talk about it, there is no harm in saying that you are stressed and are concerned. This has helped me a lot and I hope it does the same to you.”

Dr. Navneet Kaur, General Physican, Apollo Spectra, Nehru Place, New Delhi

” I believe in taking care of myself, and it isn’t being selfish”, Dr. Navneet Kaur

This Covid19 pandemic has radically changed our way of working, our learning and our social life. This is a time of incredible anxiety and stress. Therefore, self care is not selfish. It can include a mild practice that we find enjoyable and that also promotes our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Being a professional from the medical field, I believe in taking care of myself as then only I’ll be able to take care of others.  

Dr. Rahul Pandit, Director- Critical Care, Fortis Hospital Mumbai & Member- Maharashtra COVID19 Taskforce

“I like spending time with my family to regain the strength”, Dr. Rahul Pandit

“A very happy Doctors’ Day to all my friends and colleagues. We as doctors have been going through a lot of difficult times, and we have been stretching our means out to meet the demands. A lot of us have spent many sleepless nights weeks after weeks. Therefore, it is important to take care of ourselves. I tend to spend time with my family, relax and watch movies with them. This helps me de-stress . And, the most important thing which I have learnt is once in a couple of days, try and have a good night sleep. Maybe, for 8-9 hours undisturbed and that keeps your mental and physical health absolutely safe.”

Dr. Viswajit Chavan, Orthopedic Surgeon,
Joint Replacement &
Arthroscopy Shoulder Knee,
Apollo spectra Hospital, Pune

“I follow the pandemic protocols to keep everyone safe”, Dr. Viswajit Chavan

“I know, this pandemic hit us badly and affected our routine life. But don’t worry and don’t take stress as being a surgeon, being a doctor, it was a difficult situation for us too. We are together in this, I made sure to follow the pandemic protocol for the safety of my loved ones, and for stress-free life, I follow a good balanced diet, regular exercise and meditation. Try following this and trust me, you will feel better.”

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