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National Epilepsy Day 2020; Symptoms, Myths & Facts

Epilepsy, one of the chronic brain disorders that can results in fits (commonly called as mirgi) is often not much talked about. In India, 17th November is observed a s the National Epilepsy Day to create awareness around the same and letting people know more about the facts around fits and seizures than the myths.

Epilepsy is Self-diagnosable

This chronic condition can affect people at any age but what is important is to know that you can diagnose it if you understand the symptoms. Since each age group suffers from different problems, it is crucial to talk about the symptoms all the more. A sudden simple twitching, followed by loss of sensation n your arms or legs is one common symptom that most Epilepsy patients face.

According to WHO, around 50 million people in the world are suffering from epilepsy disease and out of which 80% are living in developing countries. And, around 10 million people in India are suffering from seizures that are associated with epilepsy. A lot has been discussed over decades on the root cause, and as per experts and doctors a prolonged high fever in childhood, brain damage during prenatal stage, or, some stroke that got un-noticed could be the reasons of Epilepsy in adulthood.

Remember to take your medicines on time, exercise under expert advice and make sure to follow a disciplined diet all the time.

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