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Pandemic Resulting in Computer Vision Syndrome, Expert Tells How to Tackle it

The COVID-19 crisis has led to an increase in the average screen time of people. People are busy spending a lot of time watching television, and on digital devices like computers, mobiles, and tablets more than ever! Getting hooked to electronic devices for long uninterrupted hours is causing digital eye strain, aka computer vision syndrome in people. Dr Ritika Sachdev , Additional Director, Centre For Sight Group of Hospitals suggests ways to tackle it and gives tips on what should be part of your diet for this.

Computer Vision Syndrome Causes

 There are various causes associated with computer vision syndrome, like:

Less of blinking; When you are hooked to any electronic devices, you tend to blink less. Less blinking causes dry eyes. Blinking is the natural reflex of eyes to keep it moist. An average person blinks about 16-20 times in a minute. If blinking reduces to 6-8 times in a minute, then gradually, it results in dry eyes and becomes a cause for computer vision syndrome.

Improper workstation; If you have not set up your workstation in a proper way, then it could cause computer vision syndrome. You need to adjust the monitor, desk, chair, and lighting in the room also so that your eyes don’t feel strained.

Dry environment and dehydration: AC’s in offices strip the air of its moisture, thereby making the environment dry. This dryness, an improper workstation, or bad sitting posture, makes people prone to computer vision syndrome.

Don’t use devices right before going to bed; It will require a bit of planning, but it is important to take a break from the screen at least two hours before you go to bed. Studies show that blue light emitting from screens can affect natural sleep and wake-up cycle.

Dr Ritika Sachdev, Additional Director,
Centre For Sight Group of Hospitals

Tips to avoid computer vision syndrome

Drink plenty of water; Children don’t pay attention to drinking water unless they’re thirsty. Drinking water keeps the body hydrated. It not only flushes out body waste but also regulates body temperature. It helps in maintaining blood pressure and boosts healthy skin. It also helps in forming saliva and mucus. Most importantly, it hydrates eyes, flushes out salt, and reduces eye strain.

Customized furniture for your child; From online classes to a lot of digital content consumption for entertainment, children are also spending a considerable amount of their time on-screen during the lockdown phase. Parents need to ensure to have a customized furniture setting that suits their child’s sitting posture and refrain from neck or body ache.

Setting screen time for kids; Parents need to ensure that even in the lockdown period, children don’t spend a lot of time on screen. Set time for their screen time activities. Instead, for entertainment, ask them to indulge in traditional indoor games like ludo, chess, etc.

Avoid rubbing eyes; Parents should keep a check on their children if they are rubbing their eyes too much. It could be an indicator of dry eyes or some eye infection. Insufficient blinking also leads to dry eyes. if your child does not stop rubbing frequently and complains about irritating red eyes consult the nearest eye specialist.

Eat more greens; Include green leafy vegetables in your diet to keep your body and eyes healthy. The nutrients present in green vegetables like lutein and zeaxanthin carry anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that keep the eyes healthy. When it comes to eye care, Centre for Sight is always there at your service. 

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