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Rare Robotic Surgery Saves a Tumor Patient

Fortis Memorial Research Institute recently performed a complex robotic surgery on a 48-year-old patient from Mauritius to remove a pancreatic tail tumor. It wa a first of its kind surgery in the NCR region, successfully performed by a team of doctors lead by Dr Niranjan Naik, Director Surgical Oncology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram.

A whole-body PET CT scan revealed that there was a mass on the tail of the pancreas – an uncommon and rare occurrence, in addition to large uterine fibroids (8 centimeters in size). While the tumor was benign, it had to be removed as it had the potential to become malignant tumor.

“The surgery of the pancreatic tail tumor is one of the most complex robotic surgeries. Most patients who undergo this surgery are prone to developing complications. Up to 4 percent patients have the risk of mortality which is one of the highest in the world. We conducted two surgical procedures in the same general anesthesia in one sitting, and both the surgical procedures were managed robotically through few very small key holes. Our approach worked, and the patient has recovered well without any post-operative complications, ” said Dr. Naik.

The patient was all in appreciation not just for the doctors but also for the hospital. Fortis team assured that they will continue to do their best for the patients and will ensure they receive the highest quality of medical care and attention in future.

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