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You already know how important it is to drink water, but consider this intriguing query: Does the time you drink water affect anything? If you’ve ever heard that the greatest way to start the day is to drink water first thing in the morning (and on an empty stomach), this thought may have occurred to you. But should downing a glass of water be the first activity in your daily regimen? It turns out that the answer isn’t as easy as a yes or no. To find out more about this healthy hydration advice, the most important health advantages, and who needs to follow it, we spoke with a few physicians.

Why Should You Drink Water in the Morning?

Since water is a necessary nutrient, your body can’t produce enough of it to satisfy its fundamental requirements. To be healthy, you must acquire it from outside sources (such as hydrating foods and beverages).

Around 60% of the human body is made of water, fluctuating slightly dependent on age, gender, and hydration levels. The body needs water for a variety of biological processes, including lubricating joints, controlling body temperature, transporting nutrients, and eliminating waste through perspiration and urine.

You may lose fluids much more quickly as a result of several conditions, such as exercise, hot weather, or specific drugs. But irrespective of your individual water requirements, one thing is certain: You must consume water every single day.

Since you can’t continue to drink water while you’re sleeping, your body will continue to use and lose fluids all night long without a replenishment. In that sense, drinking water as soon as you get up in the morning might undoubtedly have some positive health effects.

Top Advantages of Water After Waking Up

1. After a night without water, it helps you rehydrate

Your body is naturally dehydrated in the mornings since you can’t drink while you sleep. Drinking water when you first wake up can thus be beneficial, and you’ll likely feel a little thirsty when your alarm goes off. Drinking water when you wake up restores the lost liquid, including [the fluids] you may have lost throughout the night.  This is especially true if you sleep with your mouth open or in a warm environment, and much more so if you consumed alcohol the night before.

2 You have more energy as a result

Many people discover that sipping a glass of cold water in the morning wakes them up. After all, the National Library of Medicine notes that dehydration, which comes natural when you nap, can leave you exhausted and lightheaded. By starting the rehydration process and making sure your tissues and organs receive the fluids they require right away, recharging with a glass of water first thing every morning can help to prevent this.

3. It improves cognitive function

Drinking water in the morning can boost your mental clarity and productivity all day long. Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is a wonderful method to improve mental function because dehydration is connected to headaches and chronic fatigue. Drink water if you want to stay sharp. Even minor dehydration is related with some short-term memory problems and focus.

4 It increases metabolism

Drinking water may rev up your metabolism at any time of day. Cold water specifically causes your body to engage a mechanism known as cold-activated thermogenesis. This indicates that your body heats the water by increasing your metabolism by up to 30% for around an hour. It’s not necessary to do cold-induced thermogenesis before breakfast, but it is an alternative if you want to speed up your metabolism as soon as you get up because it is not time-specific.

5. It facilitates digestion

Water consumption is essential for healthy digestion. For instance, being hydrated might assist with constipation, a frequent sign of dehydration. In comparison to cool water, warm water has the ability to break down the food you’ve eaten more quickly. So, if you frequently get constipation, staying hydrated as soon as you wake up might help you rehydrate quickly and get things flowing.

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