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Spending time in & Greens can Heal you, both Mentally & Physically, says a new Study

The side effects of lockdown have been the talk off late, globally. With stress, anxiety, restlessness and fatigue taking the front seat, there have been studies going around how to control this imbalance and keep humans sane and at peace.

And, the recent findings indicate that there is a visible connection between green spaces and human health and mental well-being. A new study published in one of the journals of Japan highlights that COVID-19 has reminded us how the thread of our existence is intertwined with biodiversity and the natural world. How humans without access to green spaces, nature or the outdoorsy world , which was highly limited during lockdown period, feel terribly helpless. It turned out that the greens are critical for mental health and overall well-being. 

The study further talks about the learnings and findings of the pandemic. Like, humans all over the world are looking for stepping out in the beauty of nature, appreciate nature, and in that process are healing mentally and physically. Citizens now need more greens than ever, especially in urban areas. Spending time outdoors while physically distancing reduces the risk of transmission and promotes a positive psychophysiological response which is key to our resilient response to global challenges.

The study concluded with this quote, “Protecting natural environments in urban areas is important not only for the conservation of biodiversity but also for the protection of human health.” 

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