Winters make your hands and feet dry! Home remedies for skincare

Winters are coming to an end, but this transitioning season comes with a lot of skincare problems. Here are some homemade skincare remedies that will help you have a smooth sail through this changing season.

Skincare Remedy for Face: Banana Face Pack

For extremely dry skin, you can apply a banana face pack. It is easy to make products. All you have to do is grind the banana, add milk, honey, and lime juice, and apply it to your face.

Skincare Remedy for Skin and Hair: Almond Oil

During winters applying almond oil can work wonders for your skin. It provides adequate moisture and maintains a natural shine. For best results, massage your face with almond oil and leave it overnight. Use it daily for brighter skin.

Honey and Egg White Pack:

Honey and Eggs are some of the best ingredients people have used for a long time. They provide just the right amount of moisture to the skin and the result is soft, shiny skin. The process of making this pack is simple. Take honey and extract only the egg white from the egg and mix these well. Once it becomes a slimy paste, apply it on your hands and feet and leave it for half an hour. Rinse it later and apply moisturizer.

Oatmeal and milk:

Make a paste from oatmeal and milk. Apply to face, hands, and feet. Rub lightly and let dry. Then rinse off after a few minutes. This removes dead skin from your face and makes it brighter and more beautiful.


Curd mixed with corn flour and turmeric can work as a rejuvenating pack for your skin. It helps in lightening the blemishes and dark spots and at the same time moisturizes your skin for fresh and healthy skin.


 Raw milk is a good toner for the skin. Rich in antioxidants and lactic acid, it helps to smooth the complexion and remove the darkening of the face, hands, and feet. You can also combine raw milk with ingredients such as papaya, honey, almonds, and turmeric to make your skin shine.

Drink plenty of water:

 Rehydrate from the inside of the skin, wash away toxins from the body and balance facial oils to remove acne and reduce wrinkles. It is recommended that women drink at least 1.6 liters and men drink about 2 liters of water daily.


Cucumber is rich in water content which makes it an ideal product for winter dryness. When used directly on the skin it hydrates the skin and locks the moisture content. You can also mix it with Aloe vera gel for best results for your hands, face, and feet.

Coconut oil:

If you want to go all natural and do not want to buy moisturizers, you can simply use coconut oil to moisturize your skin, which not just provides your skin with the much-needed healthy skin ingredients but also makes your skin look shinier.

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