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Taking care of Patients with Music & Dance Therapy

The pandemic crisis is growing with each passing day, and so is the no of patients in the hospitals. We have been hearing painful stories of patients, their hospital experience along with the slow healing that’s taking a toll on the mental health.

But the good news is that some hospitals and experts are taking those extraordinary steps to soothe the patients who are going through this crisis. The recent example being Mizoram, it is one of the only states where Covid-19 medical team of Lawngtlai district hospital has started this innovative technique to create an interesting and fun-filled atmosphere for Covid-19 patients. Headed by Dr. Elsadai Lalbersiama, the technique involves engagement with patients in short musical performance and creating videos. These videos are later shared among the doctors, nurses, and patients. The idea is primarily to connect with patients and boost their physical and mental health during the present tough time.

You will be surprised to know that this district of India is located at the remotest part of the country, somewhere near the Indo-Myanmar border. And, thankfully, they have only eight COVID-19 patients till date and all of them are undergoing treatment at the district hospital.

But that’s not just one such story, there are Clownselors now who are trying to engage with the patients or people in isolation and entertaining them in fun and unique ways. One such startup named Clownselors, founded by Sheetal Agarwal has been engaging with migrants and patients during lock-down and this pandemic, respectively, just to cheer them up in these tough times. While the reactions are always mixed, for the Founder, it is certainly a life-changing experience.

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