Tips for a Healthy Eid-ul-Fitr 2022

Eid 2022

With the holy month of Ramadan drawing to a finish, Eid ul-Fitr 2022, the most celebrated Muslim celebration, is just around the horizon. Eid is a Muslim holiday that commemorates the conclusion of Ramadan and the beginning of the Shawwal month. This event is celebrated across the world with much fanfare and gusto, with a variety of delectable dishes spread out for a feast. It’s normal to want to indulge in some tasty delicacies after a month of fasting. Keeping in mind what your body has gone through, however, exercising prudence is as crucial. Can you withstand that much temptation? That is the key question here. Even if you cannot resist the temptation, here are some easy ways that you can control on gaining unnecessary weight:

Do not Forget to Take a Walk

Yes, you read that correctly. You will feel rejuvenated, calm, and joyful after going for a stroll or working exercise. You’re probably wondering how. A regular walk and exercise program generates feel-good chemicals that improve your mood and aid with hunger control. Furthermore, they prevent illnesses and help you feel more energized. On the eve of Eid, it’ll make you feel less guilty as you delve into that dish of Mutton Biryani or Shahi Korma with Naan.

Veggies First

You’re probably wondering why I’m urging you to eat more vegetables, especially during Eid. Yes, indeed! Eating your vegetables first is the greatest approach to regulate and minimize your hunger. Veggies are abundant in critical nutrients and fiber, which will help you feel satisfied, allowing you to consume less high-calorie, fatty foods. Start your supper with a salad or stir-fried vegetables, and I’m confident your stomach will only ask for a little portion of malai kofta or khichda.

Portion Control

When you’re at a social event and trying to lose weight, it’s critical to keep your portions under control. Putting food on a plate just because it’s a special occasion isn’t an excuse to abandon your diet objectives. When you keep piling food on your plate, you feel compelled to finish it all so that you don’t waste any. Even if a relative entices you to the table, politely decline a second serving of food. The easiest method to eat less is to have a pleasant discussion with your friends and family, so you can focus on the conversation rather than the delicious food.

No Aerated Beverages

While it may appear to be a good idea to take an aerated drink with your dinner to help you digest the heavy meals, the truth is very different. Aerated beverages are high in sugar and are harmful to your health. For improved digestion, consume a glass of buttermilk with mint leaves instead of a glass of cold beverage. Buttermilk will not only help you digest food better, but it will also help you eat less. So, which option should you take? A sugary beverage or a protein-rich beverage. My advise is to choose the latter and you will not be disappointed.

With the above tips hope you have a healthy Eid 2022.

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