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Transformation Stories; How Cycling Helped These Passionate Riders Stay Fit & Reduce Weight

The month recently witnessed World Bicycle Day, and as per WHO, cycling has emerged as a viable mobility option during the ongoing pandemic, and active mobility like cycling can prevent noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer, and their risk factors such as hypertension and obesity. 

Team Transformative spoke to some passionate cyclists to understand how cycling has brought in major transformation into their lives and overall wellbeing.

‘Cycling Teaches you balance on wheels & life ‘ Varun Bajaj, Co-Founder, Innovative Chefs

” If lockdown last year give a huge stress to everyone, for me a hobby turned into passion changed my lifeline and that was cycling. On 3rd June 2020 the journey started with 18 km ride, and till today with more than 80 km a day and tolling on 3000 plus kms. I must say cycling changed my life. It has made me more fitter, my body function more efficiently now, and moreover our group bonding habits help to learn and stand with each other. Cycling is not just a passion or hobby, its a way of living life. It teaches you balance on wheels as well as life, community support and living, a ride with the nature, healthy lifestyle and a bond with sustainable life. This is a major transformation.”

“When I ride my bike, I feel FREE, HAPPY & STRONG” Gurleen Arora, certified Marathon & Functional Trainer, Cyclist & Trekker

I have transformed myself over the last few years. Post marriage, after the birth of my kids, I developed weight-gain issues. So much that in 2015, when my children were 13 and 3 respectively, I weighed around 90 kgs. That is when I decided to embark upon this journey of metamorphosing myself into what I always dreamt to be. As a first step, I joined a running group, followed a diet regime and got into cycling. The cycle ride was never easy, it just happened that as part of running group, everyone got inspiration to start and so did I.
The learning started 3 years back and then distances were just numbers. Few rides which are part of my achievements include Cycling from India Gate to Chandigarh (No break – 300 Kms) and Cycling 200 kms with my group Gurgaon Road runners and many more. I believe that body is wealth and one need to cherish and worship it. When I ride my bike, I feel liberated from the usual nonsense of day to day life.”

“I fell and failed many times but never gave up on cycling” Gunjan Kar, Communications Director

“Being on saddle was my dream as I didn’t know how to ride a bicycle up till recently. And, I was scared at the same time. All thanks to my coach Siddarth Choudhary and the group that I am part of, they helped me in making my dream a reality. Learning cycling wasn’t easy for me as I had to start from scratch. I fell and failed so many times but the passion to learn was a constant guiding force. My coach gave me tremendous confidence. I have managed to cycle 100 plus kilometers at a stretch, and now can confidently say that there is nothing that you cannot do. Also, there is no age to learn anything new.”

“Post my Covid recovery, I developed this habit of Cycling” Gagandeep Kanwar-Marketing Manager, Louis Dreyfus Company India Pvt Ltd

” Cycling has been a great habit and helps me maintain a good physical shape as well as good health. I was infected with Covid in the month of September 2020 and I started cycling a few days after my complete recovery. The initial effort was for 20-25 kilometres per day but the goals changed soon and I started cycling up to 50 kilometres daily. Then I joined a cycling group and started riding every morning as a routine task. Group rides ranged from 50 kilometres to century rides of 100 kilometres on weekends. Cycling helped me lose about 10 kilos of my body weight and now I feel much more energetic and agile. It also helped me maintain my blood glucose levels very well as I am a type 2 diabetic. I feel that cycling has a considerably lower impact on the joints compared with running. This is an activity that I definitely recommend to everyone for overall wellness.”

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