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Tuberculosis of Spine, followed by Covid and yet This Patient didn’t Lose Hope…

There are moments in life when the troubles can come one after the other and running away from them is not even an option. So how exactly are you supposed to tackle such situations? Well, only an expert can tell you how, and that is why we bring to you Dr. Saijyot Raut, Spine & Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mumbai.

He is sharing an inspiring and motivational case study of a patient whose like came crashing down when a simple routine check-up to the doctor revealed that she has Tuberculosis of Spine, and she turned out to be Covid positive later.

“It was beginning of lockdown and this patient had developed lower back pain and weakness in lower limb because of which she wasn’t able to walk and was bedridden. Her initial treatment got delayed as there were no doctors available in lockdown and her husband came to us with all her reports. We did a video consultation with the patient and diagnosed her with the problem. We being a Spine Clinic were under essentials, and thus, were functioning obviously with all the precautions. We asked her to get the MRI done, which was done during lockdown only. And, in that MRI, they got to know that she has tuberculosis of spine. We saw her condition and basis on the reports we decided to go for a surgery,” says Dr. Raut.

The Real Trouble, Whether to Go for the Surgery or Not?

He further adds, “So, the surgery was all about decompression of her spine, and get a biopsy done, biopsy to confirm TB, decompression to release her nerve and fixation of spine to make her walk. All this was planned in a non-covid setup and as per protocols, and all the pre-operative investigations were done. Now in this pre-operative investigation, there was one test which was covid RT PCR, which is obviously the Covid test as the hospital was a non-covid hospital. When the patient got that done, it turned out that she unfortunately tested positive for it. It was more like a double whammy for the patient. The BMC officials in no time, came and informed the family, and the relatives called us and we had a discussion about everything, like how to proceed now? There were 7-8 members in the family, and everybody was living together. While the patient was advised hospital quarantine but being a patient of TB of spine, she was not able to come out of bed only. It was not easy to keep a patient like her in a quarantine facility as there many practical hassles. We therefore, decided that the whole family needs to move out but someone was supposed to stay with her to look after, and husband took the decision and willingly stayed back. We still advised her surgery but the patient decided to wait. “

No wonder, as it can be shocking for many out there. Out plans and routine suddenly take a backseat. As the doctor explained further that the surgery was an emergency but since the patient decided to wait and recover from Covid first, he as a doctor had full respect to her emotions and trauma.  

Staying Positive & Believing the Treatment is a Must

“ These are the moments when you need a strong family support and a positive approach in life. We kept counselling here through video consultation. Since they had come to us for a different problem, we were dealing with TB of spine, her not being able to walk, bed ridden, this was the challenge that the family was facing, and after the testing, there came another challenge which they were certainly not prepared for. Also, not to forget, there is social stigma, financial burden , which can actually make many feel helpless. But the family was very positive. They were clearly told the risk and complication of waiting and they agreed to it and waited. They kept faith in everything. We immediately started her medication, covid medication was going on already. Husband with proper precaution was staying with her, in 7-14 day they did a test and she was again positive. Again, then did a test after 7-17 days and then, she finally came negative.

“Once she cured completely from covid, we decided to proceed with the surgery, after doing the basic tests and formalities. We fixed her spine, we did decompression, we did a biopsy and the patient started walking the next day. She was moving around, walking with some support, and in two to three days was back to her normal routine,” sums Dr. Raut.

He would like to tell readers out there that spine surgeries in today’s time are minimally invasive, they are done with microscopic assistant, the incisions that are dome are very small, and done through tubes or scopes, and they are very safe. Chances of any risk or major complication happening are very minimal.

Keeping faith and hope is the key mantra to your well-being.

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