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What to say to your children if they catch you having sex?

Sex with the kids around: What are the rules?

Sex with the kids around: What are the rules?

There is no study to suggest that a child has ever been psychologically damaged by walking in on their parents having sex. how to deal with this incredibly awkward situation.

Kids walked in on while parents having sex. Try not to panic. Kids walk in on their parents having sex all the time.

Obviously this will depend on the age of your kids, but if they’re old enough to know exactly what you’re doing, they will be too busy go going out their own eyes to be asking you for details.

We’ll all look back on this moment and laugh. The tale will come out at boozy-

Mummy and Daddy were playing horsey” 

Study described a gradual increase in conflict after having their baby. By the time their babies were 18 months old, almost one of four couples indicated that their marriage was in distress. And this does not include the 13% who already had announced separations and divorces.

But why were you jumping on Daddy?”

So many stories about this type of event involve parents making up some crazy story on the spot. Which of course incited the children to launch themselves onto the bed and insist on playing too) and “Mummy and Daddy were doing their taxes” which would stink even to a three year old who still believes in unicorns.

“we were playing an adult game

be honest with your kids about sex, but do not think five and three is a bit young to be worrying about this issue. And dinner table should be reserved for more pedestrian conversation like what you might do on the weekend, or how your day was.

On the flip side you could never speak of it again. As much as we like to grab onto this strategy with both hands, This approach makes the whole thing scary for the kids, and a taboo that should never be mentioned.

during a study a married couple with kids complaining about never having time and always having a kid in the bed. Meanwhile, when asked them about their sexual history, they used to have sex in cars, in elevators, in stairwells, on planes. Geez, and now you’re telling me you can’t even figure out how to have sex in your own house.

Sex with the kids around: What are the rules?

While experts agree that it’s distressing for kids to be exposed to sex, a young infant in bed with you is more of a gray area. “If the child’s younger than six months old, you probably don’t need to worry,”

Your child might feel fear, especially if kids around 2 years old,” your child might see or hear as “Daddy hurting Mommy.'” “Being where your baby’s big eyes can see anything and everything can take you from hot to not.

People should not be having sex in front of kids,” Relationship is important, but put the well-being of your child first.”

Prevention is worth a pound -“A five-year-olds don’t have context for sex, they will likely interpret what they see in a very different way,”They might think, ‘Why was Daddy playing Tigger on the bed with Mommy?’ Children at this age interpret sound and movement differently, and, they can be easily frightened.” So, once your child is asleep, turn that monitor on, shut the door, and get a good lock.

The tiger may have already bolted, but be optimistic that some day we may live to ride again. And when that happens, be prepared with a secure perimeter.

“Tell your kid, ‘Whoops, Daddy and I were just having private time, I’ll be right there.'” Then, pull yourself together, sex may look scary, Start by apologizing and say, “I’m sorry if that surprised you. It’s nothing to be afraid of.” Tuck his/her back into bed.

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