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Why N95 Mask Is the Need of the Hour; Melt-blown Face Masks for this Season’s Festivities

Woman wearing face mask while working in office with laptop and using hand alcohol gel or sanitizer bottle dispenser against corona virus Covid-19. Antiseptic, hygiene and health concept. Prevention of the pandemic virus outbreak

With festivities right around, it is important to keep yourself safe and healthy. With unlockdown easing day by day, all we get to see is people stepping out in simple duppattas and cotton masks, assuming that they are safe from the deadly COVID19 virus.

Well, there is no substitute to N95 mask, which comply to the government safety guidelines and assure the maximum safeguarding when it comes to the virus penetration. Transformative brings to you some of the best masks brands that are into 3-ply and N95 masks and why you should opt for them this festival season.

Suraksha with Melt-blown Masks by Rashmi Rare Earth

A brand that is known to be India’s highest manufacturer of N95 masks believes in quality and credibility when it comes to it’s product range of masks. Not many know that the brand produced highest number of surgical masks in the last quarter, adhering to the government guidelines. ” You can see people stepping out in simple cotton masks, that cannot safeguard you from the deadly virus. While N95 is the solution, even the 3-ply masks can do the needful. Festivals are right here and we all will be greeting our near and dear ones, so why to take such a risk, especially when a brand like Rashmi Rare Earth is right here, offering unique masks. The special melt-blown fabric feature in our masks is all about using a non-woven fabric as a layer in-between. This works as a bacterial barrier and also is resilient,” says Mithun Majumdar, AGM, Rashmi Rare Earth.

He further added that rather than gifting your friends and family some fancy items, how about an N95 Suraksha mask? Yes, why not!

Beat the air-pollution with Vog Masks; Washable & Re-useable

Not everyone is stepping out with a purpose of some social event but many are going out for daily errands and facing smog every passing day. Festivities are all about celebrations and not struggling to breathe properly. This season, opt for air-pollution control mask that can ease you out with respiratory issues. Vog masks has been in India for a while now and its N99 masks are well appreciated. For the simple reason, they are washable and you don’t need to discard them just like that…

They primarily filter out the fine carbon particles that work as an obstacle in breathing. Also the fact that they have good four layers for solid protection.

In-life Non-woven 3-ply Masks for your Workplace Convenience

If you are looking for an affordable option, here is a brand that is offering you convenience sans any guilt. Yes, In-life brand is offering non-woven disposable masks that are not causing much of a damage to the environment. Also the fact that they are using non-woven fabrics in the layers, this will help keeping the virus and bacteria at bay. You will be breathing cleaner air, and the special feature of nose pin on the top assures that one size fits all!

Allen Solly Masks for Casual Use

Well, not everyone is looking to step out and there are many who feel comfortable with simple cotton masks. Brands like Allen Solly and others like Fabindia are offering you basic masks that can do the needful. While the bacteria protection is still a big question, you can opt for these if the purpose is domestic and you are not too often visiting any crowded place, especially hospitals.

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