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World Health Day 2021; ‘If you’ve Good Health, Wealth will Follow,’ Says TV Celeb Sara Khan

Today is World Health Day, and it is important to create awareness around the same. In today’s stressful times, health is our first priority and rest everything else can take a backseat for a while. Who else cal tell you better than the popular TV celebrities who have chosen Health over Wealth this 2021.

Listen to TV Actor Sara Khan, she spoke to Transformative Today, here is what she has to say…

“I strongly feel, if you have good health, wealth will follow. If you are mentally sorted and if you are happy and everything becomes easy for you and you attract much more wealth in your life. So yes, being healthy is the most important part of your life. Learn about your body and what it requires as it is important . Every body type is different and every body type reacts differently towards what you eat, what time you eat, and what exercises you do. This World Health Day, I believe and urge in introspecting ourselves first. Your body needs to be examined properly and then you follow any diet.

This World Health Day, I’ll say, eat healthy and keep yourself active… Sara Khan

Holistic Living & Mental Well-being is Important

As a celebrity and even as a human we have a lot of complications on our way like, answering a lot of people who always want to know what we celebs do for fitness, how we do, how I maintain myself.. dealing with social platforms and the kind of comments you get are more stressful. I fear falling sick, definitely and this is the reason I take much care and in fact, I pray to God that this time should go as soon as possible and we should get back to our normal selves. In such uncertain times, I am making sure not eating from outside much, I am meditating regularly and exercising, You can fix your routine at home and do your things in a disciplined way. This pandemic has made us more conscious about the hygiene, we need to be more conscious to the day-today activities that we do, and try keeping your surroundings safe as much as possible” sums Sara Khan.

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