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World Hypertension Day 2021; “Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer”

Hypertension is considered to be one of the silent killers, and therefore it is important to raise awareness around this fatal disease, especially during the Covid period. Transformative Spoke to Consultant Cardiologists with Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad and Wockhardt Hospital, Mira road. Here’s what they have to say on the occasion of World Hypertension Day.

Dr. Rahul Ghogre,
Consultant Cardiologist,
Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad.

Primary Causes and Symptoms of Hypertension

“There are many factors that lead to hypertension. Age is one of them, with age you can get high BP that can result in hypertension. Another is family history as that also contributes to hypertension. Thirdly, if you have continuous stress, your BP will fluctuate and it will lead to hypertension. Many people have these symptoms but they take it lightly. And that is why we need to create awareness around hypertension. Don’t ignore the initial symptoms. If your blood pressure is high, on a regular basis, you will experience constant headache, and this usually goes till your neck. This is an initial symptom of hypertension. Then, if BP is extremely high then it can also lead to brain stroke. If you have a persistent headache, and is towards the back of the neck, it is a clear sign that you are suffering from hypertension. Sudden rise of BP is alarming but in chronic hypertension cases, the BP shoots up to 200 but the patient gets no symptoms. But such patients over a period of time, say five or ten years may experience organ damage like kidney, heart or brain. Once you know that you have hypertension, you must make immediate lifestyle changes and follow your doctor’s instructions and prescription,” says Dr. Rahul Ghogre, Consultant Cardiologist, Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad.

Maintain a BP Journal for your Good Health

” It is important to keep a track of your numbers. Those with commodities BP, and hypertension are at a higher risk of getting covid-19. Hence it is the need of the hour for those who have hypertension to monitor blood pressure at home. Not maintaining healthy blood pressure will also raise the risk of serious complications of covid 19. There is higher mortality and morbidity in covid patients with hypertension. Prevention is the best defense here. Yes! you have heard it right, you will have to monitor your numbers to stay hail and hearty. Right from senior citizens to pregnant women, older adults everyone should check their BP at home. And, those who are taking medication for high BP should stay in touch with the doctor and make changes in the management of blood pressure as per the doctors’ instructions. Some over the counter medication taken without the prescription of a doctor will lead to hypertension so do not self-medicate. Alcohol and caffeine will cause hypertension so you need to limit the consumption. Stress can also increase the risk of hypertension so try to de-stress by doing yoga or meditation. Furthermore, exercise regularly. Eat a well-balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and pluses. Do not eat processed food or junk, or canned food. Avoid foods with artificial sweeteners and carbonated drinks.

So, how do you monitor blood pressure at home? Choose an appropriate monitor as suggested by the doctor. You will have to sit and avoid drinking beverages 30 mins before you monitor your BP. Empty your bladder before you monitor. sit straight and your feet should not be flat, not the floor. Do not sit with cross legs, You can also take two readings back to back just to make sure that the readings are proper. Keep a BP journal just to record your readings, and if you notice any abnormal readings then consult your doctor immediately. Do not ignore your health and please, stay safe! ” says Dr. Chetan Bhambure, Consultant Cardiologist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road.

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