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World Vegetarian Day; Plant-based Diet is the Health Mantra of Bollywood & Hollywood Celebs

Today is World Vegetarian Day, and the day primarily is about creating awareness towards the importance of plant-based diet. Well, you may have your own food preferences but according to studies, experts and research, if you follow a plant-based diet, it can actually help reduce the risk many serious diseases. From heart disease, to certain type of cancer, and from diabetes, high BP to bad cholesterol, vegetarianism has many benefits that over the years have been noticed by experts all around the world.

This could probably one of the major reasons why we see so many bollywood and hollywood celebrities vouching by vegetarian diets that they strictly follow for a healthier self.

Bollywood goes Vegetarian & the List Continues…

A few years back it was Alia Bhatt who gave up on meat and turned vegetarian. She has been thanking her healthier food choices, especially the plant-diet that she follows for her improved immunity and stamina. No wonder, she did manage to shed a drastic few kilos, and the transformation landed her into getting best of Bollywood roles.

The mom-to-be Kareena Kapoor Khan gave up on her unhealthy eating habits and on meat long time back. Her social media is flooded with posts that talk about how she loves simple dal-roti, and despite being a foodie herself, can enjoy vegetarian food in all the meals. Even the PETA believer Anushka Sharma doesn’t shy away from expressing her love for animals. She firmly believes that it is important to co-exist and respect all the lives. She has been posting her veg food cravings during the present pregnancy phase, and how the plant diet is keeping her happy and relaxed.

No Meat, say These Hollywood Celebs!

Miley Cyrus, who calls herself a Vegan Activist, said no to meat the day her pet dog died. She is passionate about plant diet and says that it has done wonders for her health, she feels lighter and happier than ever before. Similarly, Billie Eilish, the Grammy winner was raised as a vegetarian, and thanks to her upbringing, for she has compassion for animals around. She turned vegan a few years ago , and promotes everything that is cruelty-free. Venus Williams, the tennis champion transitioned to a plant-based diet when she was diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome almost a decade ago. She has been quoted saying that she made a shift for health reasons and also the fact that her performance on the court was also getting affected. And later, how she started loving the vegetarian concept.

This World Vegetarian Day, how about taking a pledge of showing compassion to animals. After all, it is for a healthier and a happier you!

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